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Reference: MAX212_170-673-X2

Brand: Max

PA Speakers MAX-212 2x1400W passive bass reflex 3-way 2x12 "

Set of 2 speakers bass reflex 3-way, 2x12 "adapted to produce low frequencies thrilling and delivers powerful sound, pure and clear, for most types of music. With a sound pressure of 100 dB, these speakers 1400W suitable for almost all good amplifiers. The solid box allows use in the evenings, karaoke, discos, mobile DJs ...

Price €249.99
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Reference: AV-120FM-BT_103-207

Brand: Fenton

Amplifier Fenton AV120FM-BT - 2x 60W with microphone input, USB / BLUETOOTH

This mini karaoke amplifier has an output of 2 x 60 W. You can transform your evenings into a true karaoke festival. With USB port for MP3 data, serious adjustments / Treble and Echo, dynamic playback display, 2 mic ... Also ideal for applications in Hi-Fi and music. With BT wireless technology for streaming audio

Price €109.20
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Reference: JB412

Brand: Johnny Brooks

Electric Guitar Johnny Brook White + Cable Jack 6.35mm

A standard electric guitar high quality with a high gloss finish, comes with a cable jack 2.40 meters. The guitar has a maple neck with 22 frets, a solid body, chrome machine heads, a glossy finish and high quality 3 single coil pickups. The guitar comes with a tremolo arm replacement and adjustment tools.

Price €89.99
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