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Reference: FESTI08

Brand: FestiSound

Active Speaker - FestiSound FESTI08 - 8 "20CM - 200W - on Battery - RING LED effect - USB Bluetooth SD TWS - Micro VHF

Small speaker 8 "Active in FestiSound with USB SD BLUETOOTH function and TWS (for connecting a second wireless FESTI08 for stereo sound!). Beautiful autonomy for this enclosure with integrated 3600mAh battery. The 'RING effect on the RGB LED Boomer gives a festive multi-colored effect.

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Reference: EA-5160-BT

Brand: Evidence Acoustics

Stereo Amplifier - Evidence Acoustics EA-5160-BT - KARAOKE STEREO 2x50W - USB SD AUX DVD - FM Radio

Amplifier with Evidence Acoustics versatile with integrated FM tuner that lets you enjoy your favorite music on your USB media, SD or smartphone via the Bluetooth connection can connect the surround speakers. If you connect one or two microphones, you can even organize karaoke evenings with family or friends.

Price €99.90
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Reference: b431ABL

Brand: e-audio

Amplificateur stéréo e-audio Bluetooth 5.0 2 x 15 W

Cet amplificateur audio Bluetooth compact permet la connexion d'appareils Bluetooth à des haut-parleurs à faible impédance via l'amplificateur de puissance intégré. L'unité peut alimenter jusqu'à 2 haut-parleurs de 15 W sous 4 ou 8 Ohms et est fournie avec un connecteur phénix 1 x 4 voies

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Reference: STROBE1000

Brand: Karma

Strobe - 1000Watts - Strobe

strobe light capable of generating a slow motion effect, thanks to the powerful bulb 1000W with adjustable speed blinking. Using the supplied medium, the projector may also be positioned on supports or farms.

Price €44.99
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