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Enceinte passive

Enceinte passive

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Reference: S0020056B

Brand: BM Sonic

Pair of speakers 2 x 1000 W MADISON LSC-215

portable stand-alone battery PA system with integrated LED light effects on the speakers. Ideal in all situations where it is necessary to have a complete sound system, always ready at hand (musicians, sound nomadic, karaoke bars, dance courses, teaching, speech, coach etc .. .).

Price €399.99
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Reference: XEN3512_170-735

Brand: Max

Max pair of speakers 12 "1000 W XEN 3512

Professional passive chambers 12 "with severe 1000 W, PTC frequency filter protected, and pavilion with wide angle dispersion. Perfect for use mobile.Grave 12 ", 1000 passive WEnceintes professionnellesPavillon broad dispersionFiltre frequency protégéLivrées pairs

Price €147.70
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