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PA DJ Pack 1600 W with light effects and effects

BM Sonic

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Professional Pack comes ready to use in minutes. In flight case governed everything will be perfectly positioned. At your disposal: a double CD MP3 player with all the improvements, a mixer with 6 channels with EQ section and special effects, amplifier power of 2 x 800 watts. speaker 1,000-watt ensures quality sound. Finally there is also a headphone and a microphone. light and side effects: 1 green laser, red laser 1, 3 LED light games, one game moon gobo, 1 strobe, 1 muschroom with supports and dispatching a smoke machine and a bubble machine supplied with their liquid. All cables are provided (except cables between light effects / effects and dispatching). The assembly will achieve by yourself.
 Double double CD player 2 elements Plays CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 2 port USB 2 SD card readers anti-shock memory: 40 seconds Programming up to 20 titles
 Mixer 6 channels 10 Potentiometer inputs backlit blue Luxurious glossy black finish Gain control on each channel Balance Equalizer 2 x 10 bands switchable generator of special effects: 8 effects with gain control and echo speed Function with Delay and Repeat adjustable mic DJ
 power amplifier MOSFET technology with continuous ventilation Max: 2 x 800 watts RMS power into 4 ohms: 2 x 550 watts RMS power into 8 ohms: 2 x 380 watts
 BM Sonic CX-215
 2 speakers sound system 2 Bass Reflex channels max power: 1000 W per speaker RMS power: 500 W per speaker Boomers: 2 x 38 cm Medium / Tweeter piezo horn 2 extra large vents Yield: 105 dB
 Micro Dynamic Bandwidth: 80 - 14000 Hz Sensitivity: -72 dB Inverter / off connection mic XLR and Jack 6.35 mm
 stereo headphone Adjust the volume of the Bandwidth cable 20 to 20,000 Hz Impedance: 32 Ohm input power: 150 mW Sensitivity: 102 dB 3.5mm with adapter 6.35mm
 Ibiza Light LAS-30G
 Green Laser Diode 30 mW DPSS (Class IIIB) wavelength: 532 nm automatic operation, the rhythm of the music or DMX512 control DMX / 8-channel DMX Assignment: 10 switches cooling continuous ventilation
 Ibiza Light LAS-100R
 Red laser diode 100 mW DPSS (class IIIB) Wavelength: 650 nm automatic operation to the rhythm of music or DMX512 control DMX / 8-channel assignment DMX: 10 switches
 play of light 84 LEDs DMX red LEDs, green and blue Function DMX master / slave setting dips by 10 switches internal Effect turning direction control and ignition alternative and random LEDs controlled by music or DMX512 Micro incorporated
 KOOL Light BLP Effect DERBY 2 W RGB LEDs 9
 DMX 4 DMX channels Internal effect turning concentrated multicolored rays 32 lenses alternating and random of rotation controlled by the DMX music or sensitivity adjustable via potentiometer
 IBIZA muschroom
 radiation-color Power: 2 x 300 W Internal turning effect multicolor ray random and alternating direction of rotation controlled by the Micro music incorporated sensitivity adjustable via potentiometer Continuous ventilation Mounting bracket Uses 2 lamps of 150 watts provided
 Strobe Power: 75 W Adjustable speed of 1 to 15 chips / sec
 animation effect RGB LED DMX 181 512 16.7 million colors DMX512 Channels: 6181 LED 10mm - 61 red LEDs - 60 green LEDs - 60 blue LEDs Functions: color changer (fast or slow), strobe, dimmer mode Automatic musical or by built-in microphone, or 6 DMX channels Function DMX master / slave Display liquid crystal diameter: 200 mm
 IBIZA FLOWER XL colors ray effect with Gobo Powered by music random rotation
 Smoke machine with remote radio + + special liquid smoke product Volume: about 70 m3 / minute heating element: 800 watts Preheating: 7 mins
 Machine bubbles + special liquid metal Directed Mounting bracket tank capacity: 1 liter Rotation per minute: 20 rpm Motor power: 30 watts
 IBIZA Light LC-1006F
 Dispatching 10 channels + Flash Light Switches Flash function on each individual channel 6.3 A fuse accessible from the front 10 earthing protection with standardized valves and switches numbered relative to the maximum power per channel: 6A / 1500 watts total Peak Power: 20A / 5000 watts
 BM-284 FLY Sonic Régie flight case
 Standard 19 inch / 2 + 8 + 4 U External dimensions (WHD): 520 x 455 x 525 mm
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BM Sonic

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PA DJ Pack 1600 W with light effects and effects

PA DJ Pack 1600 W with light effects and effects

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